Amnext 3.0
Amnext is an ecosystem developed on the Binance Smart Chain that turns saving money into a game. It does this by combining the power of blockchain technology, smart contracts, Decentralized Applications (Dapps) and a pinch of fun. It is basically a savings game that gives you a potentially huge upside and minimal downside.
There are two types of lottery. The first one combines an innovative feature which is the Lifetime Lottery Ticket and an elaborated affiliate structure. The second one lets users join the lottery by depositing funds into the prize pools and receive back No-Loss Tickets which entitle them to win prizes until they remove the funds from the prize pools. At the end of each day, Multiple lucky winners get the pool prizes and their tickets back. What makes this game unique, however, is that players who don’t win also get their tickets back. Everyone involved keeps their money! To fund the prizes, Amnext Lottery uses the interest earned on staking pools using the purchased tickets.


Prize Pools The Prize Pools are pools of funds whose accrued interest is distributed as prizes. The concept is well-established and otherwise known as "no loss lotteries" or "prize savings accounts". All prize games created by the protocol share the same key characteristics.
Lifetime Ticket Lottery tickets which are valid for life. Users can buy lifetime tickets and get the oppurtunity to win grand prizes for the rest of their life.
Yield Sources Amnext has a staking protocol which is named AMC Machine; it will be used as the yield prize generator for the AMC Lifetime Pool and for the primary AMC Prize Pool. Other Prize Pools will use Venus Protocol as the yield prize generator.
Loot Box The Loot Box is an incentive in the form of AMC tokens which is added to the Grand Prizes of the Prize Pools. The Loot Box is generated from the 5% of the AMC minted per block.
AMC Machine Users can stake AMC Tokens and generate more AMC to greatly increase their profits.

Why Binance Smart Chain (BsC)?

In very simple terms, we're all about gamification, so we want to maximize the feedback loop of earning, staking, and earning again: BSC's superior speed and much lower transaction fees let us do this.
While BSC might not have the level of adoption Ethereum does currently, we believe in Binance’s ability and drive to get it mighty close in the foreseeable future.
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