Amnext 3.0
♻️Lifetime Ticket
The perpetual chance to change your life!
Users can buy Lifetime Tickets and get the opportunity to win Grand Prizes forever.
From the amount spent to buy the ticket, 70% is received as compensation to the user who invited the new member while 30% will be added to the Lifetime Prize Pool that generates the prizes through the AMC Machine.
With the purchase of more tickets, you will increase your odds of winning. Meanwhile, you will earn more commissions from the Affiliate Program.
Every time a new user registers or existing users buy more Lifetime Tickets, the lifetime prize pool will increase accordingly. The ticket supply is limited, and this is intended to level the playing field for all users. Regardless of the number of tickets bought, every ticket holder has an equal chance to win.
Remember, the ticket does not expire, so once purchased it will be valid for life. Therefore, you will always be able to participate in all the lifetime prize pools that will be generated.
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