Amnext 3.0
Frequently asked Questions
Why Amnext is a better option than trading?
    You can never get liquidated or get your positions expired, your participation in the marketing is recorded forever.
    Your potential results in Amnext are unlimited, and they depend only on your own efforts and marketing activity.
    Your assets are always under your control — there are no intermediaries, Amnext never stores or manages your funds. Amnext is not a middleman — it is a smart-contract. All your results are automatically in your own wallet that you control.
    You can start small and grow exponentially, the entry is affordable and cheap as two cups of coffee.
Is Amnext safe? Amnext website is just an interface for a convenient use of the smart-contract. All your data is recorded in the blockchain and completely secure. You can also interact with the smart contract directly, without a website interface. But in order to avoid phishing websites, we always recommend double checking the website address spelling — How much does it cost to register with Amnext? registration in Amnext with two packs of $20 tikets (x4 and x6) costs $20 AMC (network fee in BNB is not included). Where can I go for help if I don't understand anything? You can learn more about Amnext and how it works in the Amnext WhitePaper , Docs, Video and by the community. You can also ask for help in the socials chat with the founders or moderator of Amnext. Do I need special knowledge or equipment to interact with the platform? All you need to interact with the platform is a smartphone or a computer. No special knowledge or equipment is required. Can I join Amnext if I know only one language? Absolutely! The Amnext community is international, and chances are we have members from your country. But if you know English, then your opportunities for success are even better. Where do I start?
    Get your AMC tokens on pancakeswap to access the Amnext protocol
    Read the technical guides and marketing articles to sort everything out. Also remember to follow social channels to stay tuned for official announcements.
    Buy the first packages of Lifetime Tickets (x4 and x6)
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