Amnext 3.0
🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏽Referral Rewards
Earn with your friends.
Amnext has two simple matrix which let the user earn infinite times. There are 15 ticket packs for both matrix and the cost of the packs start from $10 reaching the maximum cost of $163 840 on the last pack. By increasing the packs, users increase simultaneaously winning odds and profits.

How does the X4 works?

    DIRECT PROFIT: the first Three referrals allow your account to receive istantly into your wallet the 70% of their commissions, the remaining 30% goes to generate the lottery prize.
    BUY BACK : the fourth referral activate the Buy Back function of the pack which reopen a new spot on the uplines and let the users earn forever.
You can also increase your Referral Rewards by buying more Lifetime Tickets; keep in mind, if one of your downlines or uplines has bought more Lifetime Tickets than you, the corresponding rewards will be passed up to them and you will lose their Referral Rewards.
It is not mandatory to buy more Lifetime Tickets, but as you can see, there are huge possibilities to earn more rewards for users who choose to buy more Lifetime Tickets!

How does the X6 Works?

In this matrix, “teamwork” is the keyword. Here, you can gain referrals by team spillover and overflow.
( UPLINE PROFIT ) The first two referrals ( 1, 2 ) send their commissions to your direct upline.
( DIRECT PROFIT ) Referrals numbers : ( 3, 4, 5 ) send their commissions istantly into your wallet.
( BUY BACK ) Referral number : ( 6 ) is the renew of the level which reopen a new spot on the Higher upline and let the users earn forever.

Overflow, Buy Back and Overtaking

Overflows and Overtaking
The Overflow from Up comes when your upliner in the X6 Matrix personally invite a referral which is placed under you. The Bottom Overflow happen when your first line in the X6 Matrix personally invites a referral that is placed in your structure.
The Overtake occurs when you acquire packages that your upline doesn’t have, the commission that was meant for him will instead be transferred directly to the nearest higher upliner who has that package.
Buy Back
The Buy Back function allow users earn unlimited times. when the Buy Back spot is occupated the correspective commission re-open a new spot allowing the users earn passive incomes and extra winning odds forever.
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